September 13, 2020


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Prayer Requests

Please continue to pray for these specifically:

Maggie Biggs, mother of Scott, tested positive for Co-Vid after being exposed. Quarantine time has passed, but please continue to pray since she is elderly.


Joe Claud, daily struggles from dementia. Pray for Ms. Peggy as his constant caregiver.


Donna Farley, Cindy Mears' mom, pray for the infection in her knees to respond to treatment so she can have knee replacement.


Daniel Judware, son of Barbara Grice, released from the hospital last week.


Johnnie & Lisa Mitchell, Johnnie's mom & Lisa's step-dad both have dementia. Johnnie & Lisa needs our prayers and support as they tend to the needs of their parents.

Clarksville Highway Church of Christ

5444 Alternate Highway 41-A

Joelton, TN  37080