Womens Secret Sisters

On Monday, January 30, 2017, Pauline Bell was 75 years old. Some of us met at the Catfish House in Springfield and celebrated with Pauline.  Watch the  Happy Birthday Pauline Bell  Video.

Schedule of Events

Dec. 9  Theme is Italian. Please see Suzanne for sign up. Plan to be at the church building at 4:30 to start setting up.

         Our women's ministry is a place that our ladies can support each other and enjoy fellowship with each other. Our ladies have Bible studies, Teas, and other social events like Secret Sisters.
         The Secret Sisters consist of a group of adult women of all ages.  Each “Sister” draws the name of her “Secret Sister” at the beginning of the year and gives gifts throughout the year.  Each “Sister” fills out a paper listing personal favorites in several areas such as “Hobbies, favorite colors, favorite foods, music, reading preferences, and restaurants.”  The identity of the “Secret Sister” is revealed at our Christmas get-together.

        The “Secret Sister” program is led by Suzanne Hale.  She has planned several group outings during the year.  This provides a means of fellowship and a way to get to know one another better.  These outings include trips to TPAC, Blue Herron Cruises, tea rooms, the symphony, Patti’s Settlement, and “movie and dinner night.” It is hoped that this program will strengthen the bonds between these “Sisters in Christ”. These activities are open to everyone -- not just Secret Sisters.
       If you would like to be a part of this growing and dynamic group of ladies, please see Suzanne Hale.