• September 8-9 - Bible Bowl in Cookeville
  • September 15-17 - Camp Bacon
  • September 24 - Teen Devotional at James' from 3:30-6:30
  • October 3 - Refuel at Smith's at 7 pm
  • October 7-8 - Camping Trip
  • October 17 - Refuel at Smith's at 7 pm
  • October 22 - Teen Devo at Tina Adcock's from 3:30-6:30
  • October 24 - Refuel at Smith's at 7 pm
  • October 28 - Trail of Treats
  • October 31 - Refuel at Smith's at 7 pm
  • November 4 - Rake and Run
  • November 7 - Refuel at Smith's at 7 pm
  • November 12 - Family Fun Night
  • November 14 - Refuel at Smith's at 7 pm​
  • November 19 - Teen Devo from 3:30-6:30
  • December 17 - Teen Christmas Party
  • January 12-14 - Winter Retreat
Since Robbie has left as our Youth Minister, we need your involvement: teens, parents, grandparents, etc. An exciting opportunity lies before us. Get involved. Find a place to help. Offer your talents. Let God stretch you to do things in His service. Nobody has to do everything, but everybody has to do something.

We will continue to communicate through our weekly email. It will arrive in your inbox every Monday, just like before. Good communication will be key. If you want to get involved with something or take ownership of something, for the present time, please let Jackie know. You can email her at

Scheduled events are listed below. Parents, I am confident we can step up and do the things which need to be done. These are our children! We can do this! I have complete confidence in our church family.

We are trying to keep the same Google calendar to which many of you have already subscribed. Please be aware that until we get some details worked out events won't show up on that calendar.  

Ways to connect with the ministry:

We are using a Christian-based company to conduct background checks for all of our volunteers in the ministry.  Click the link above to download and fill out.

 Here is a link as to why it is important for ministries to do background checks.Anyone that plans to chaperone or volunteer in the ministry MUST complete a background check. 

Student & Family Ministry

    First off thank you !!! If you are looking on this page, it means you have an interest in working with a group that is very near and dear to us. It also means you might be a little nuts because working with kids, teens, and even college age kids is a very difficult thing to do. They will test you every way they know possible till they push you to the very brink of a melt down and then they do something that melts your heart and makes you remember why you give your time, money, and effort to be with them.
        However, if you didn't know it takes a ton of work to make those special moments happen and they only happen when men and women like your self get a little crazy and give some of their precious time to make classes, events, and relationships with those kids, as special as they need to be to make a impact on the amazing kids of Clarksville Highway and it's community.​